Plan your from Madrid with us

Madrid is an incredible city, but so are its surrounding cities and towns. We selected the most interesting destinations for you! Also, our trips give you the opportunity to meet people with the same interests: Spanish students, au pairs, Erasmus students, expats, tourists, etc. 


A city to walk around and discover what is left of the past: streets, squares, monuments, walls and bridges. Toledo manages to keep showing its history every time you visit it and it gives the opportunity to discover and appreciate the different cultures throughout the tour: synagogues, mosques & churches. 

Ávila & Segovia

Guided tour through those two beautiful cities close to Madrid. We’ll discover the culture together and learn a little bit about the history. You don’t want to miss this trip! 



What's included

in the trip?

  • Photos & videos
  • Seat in the bus
  • Professional guide