Secret spots in Madrid

Secret spots in Madrid only locals know about

Hello Language Lovers! Autumn has arrived in Madrid. Some of you will be very happy, others might be very sad about this. However, whether you love this season or not, you have to get through it. That’s why we want to share our favourite secret spots in Madrid only locals know about!

1 - El Invernadero de Salvador Bachiller

Salvador Bachiller is our number one on the list of our secret spots in Madrid, because it has several secret gardens all over Madrid. However, our favourite one in the autumn is El Invernadero. When you enter the building, it looks like a normal shop, but once you go downstairs you see the paradise. 

It’s a cosy gastrobar with relaxing music in the background. This bar is perfect for when the weather is bad and you want to eat and/or drink something in a relaxed setting. They offer everything in a very original way, and you feel so relaxed when you go back into the city.

This is our number one secret spot in Madrid, because it makes you escape from the crowds in the city. You won’t see a lot of tourists in this bar, because they really don’t know about the existence of this amazing place. Believe us, it’s worth a visit! 


2 - Sala Equis

Sala Equis is a very special and original secret spot in Madrid. It’s a hidden authentic cinema in the center of Madrid. On top of that, you’ll find a cosy bar with affordable prices. There you’ll find a screen which projects a black and white movie in the background.

The tapas you can buy there are delicious and the atmosphere is amazing. You will be AMAZED when you first enter this place.

This place is perfect to hang out with a group of friends, or for a romantic date. You’ll find swings on which you can sit, you can sit against the wall wherever you like, or you can chill in the sofas. 

So guys, if you want to impress that girl you really like, please take her to this place! We promise you she will love it!


3 - Medias Puri

Medias Puri is a discotheque in the center of Madrid, but it’s nothing like all of the other discotheques and clubs you’ll find in Madrid. 

What’s so special about it? Well, that’s a secret you’ll have to experience yourself. However, there is one tip we can give you: it’s spectacular!

Okay, we admit, the entrance is not that cheap, but it usually includes a drink, and this is something you MUST experience in your life.

Bring your friends and start shaking, because this will be an experience you’ll never forget! Later you can tell everyone you went to one of the most exciting secret spots in Madrid.


4 - Taproom

Taproom is an amazing place to go to with a group of friends, because this bar offers A LOT of different beers from all over the world. There is at least one beer for every single person who enters. 

Also, the atmosphere in the bar is very good. It is super cosy and the staff is so friendly.

We recommend this bar before going out, to get in the mood, or after going to a restaurant or another bar, because it’s so cosy!

The prices of the beers vary a little bit, but most of the beers are really affordable. Worth a visit, don’t you think?


5 - Sala BarCo

Sala BarCo is a very nice bar located close to the center of Madrid where you can go out like a local. The atmosphere is always so good there, because in this bar, there is live music every single night.

It’s a very good place to take someone on a date, or to take a group of friends. Also, if you have visitors coming over, maybe this place will be perfect to show them.

The style of live music depends on the day you go, because it varies every single day. Some days there is a rock band, other days you will hear R&B music, etc.  You won’t see the same concert all over again if you decide to go back!

We promise you won’t be disappointed!



As you can see, Madrid has a lot of secret spots to offer. Of course, there are so much more hidden places you have to visit, but we promise you these secret spots will be absolutely worth it!

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