Types of people you will meet at a language exchange / Free afternoon activities in Madrid

Types of people you will meet at a language exchange

Going to a language exchange is always a little bit exciting, because you never know who you will meet. However, there are always certain profiles we see on every language exchange. Below you can find our guide on the types of people you will meet at a language exchange.

1 - The casanova

At every language exchange you will see this one guy who is trying to hit on every girl. It looks like that night is his only chance to score a girl, but he never does. He is not that difficult to recognize, so just take a look around and enjoy! It’s funny, believe us :-).

2 - The polyglot

Another type of person you will definitely meet at a language exchange in Madrid is the polyglot. He or she speaks many different languages and has lived in many countries all over the world. It’s good to become friends with this person, because if you travel together, you always have a free translator and guide with you. A big applause for this person!

3 - The twins

No, not literally twins, but the two girls you never see separated. They always stick together and don’t leave each other’s side. They order their drinks together, always stay together when talking to you at the language exchange and never going to the bathroom by themselves. Their outfits match often. Aren’t they cute though?

4 - The smelly

A language exchange is not a language exchange in Madrid without a guy whose breath smells like death. This person doesn’t realise his breath smells and just keeps talking to all the people. When you take a look around, you see everyone making the same face and trying to get rid of this person.

5 - The serial killer

There is always that one guy who never talks to no one, but is there for the whole night. People think he is planning a murder in his mind, because he keeps staring at the other people at the intercambio without moving himself. A little bit creepy, isn’t it?

6 - The one who has an oral exam soon

Another person you will definitely meet is that one person who is actually there to practice his/her languages. It feels like this person has an oral exam soon and wants tips from everyone. He or she wants to learn as much as possible on this one night.

7 - The one who is always there

The last one of the types of people you will meet at a language exchange is the guy who is always there. When you first meet him, it feels like you’ve already seen him somewhere, which is often the case as well, because he is everywhere. Also, he knows all of the organisators, bartenders and attendees. Where to find him? AT THE BAR!

Which type of people are your friends? Let us know! Also, if you feel inspired to go to a language exchange after reading this article, make sure to check out our language exchanges page with more information about our weekly intercambios! Hope to see you soon.

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