Secret spots in Madrid only locals know about

Secret spots in Madrid

Hello Language Lovers! Autumn has arrived in Madrid. Some of you will be very happy, others might be very sad about this. However, whether you love this season or not, you have to get through it. That’s why we want to share our favourite secret spots in Madrid only locals know about!

1 - El Invernadero de Salvador Bachiller

Salvador Bachiller is our number one on the list of our secret spots in Madrid, because it has several secret gardens all over Madrid. However, our favourite one in the autumn is El Invernadero. When you enter the building, it looks like a normal shop, but once you go downstairs you see the paradise. 

It’s a cosy gastrobar with relaxing music in the background. This bar is perfect for when the weather is bad and you want to eat and/or drink something in a relaxed setting. They offer everything in a very original way, and you feel so relaxed when you go back into the city.

This is our number one secret spot in Madrid, because it makes you escape from the crowds in the city. You won’t see a lot of tourists in this bar, because they really don’t know about the existence of this amazing place. Believe us, it’s worth a visit! 


2 - Sala Equis

Sala Equis is a very special and original secret spot in Madrid. It’s a hidden authentic cinema in the center of Madrid. On top of that, you’ll find a cosy bar with affordable prices. There you’ll find a screen which projects a black and white movie in the background.

The tapas you can buy there are delicious and the atmosphere is amazing. You will be AMAZED when you first enter this place.

This place is perfect to hang out with a group of friends, or for a romantic date. You’ll find swings on which you can sit, you can sit against the wall wherever you like, or you can chill in the sofas. 

So guys, if you want to impress that girl you really like, please take her to this place! We promise you she will love it!


3 - Medias Puri

Medias Puri is a discotheque in the center of Madrid, but it’s nothing like all of the other discotheques and clubs you’ll find in Madrid. 

What’s so special about it? Well, that’s a secret you’ll have to experience yourself. However, there is one tip we can give you: it’s spectacular!

Okay, we admit, the entrance is not that cheap, but it usually includes a drink, and this is something you MUST experience in your life.

Bring your friends and start shaking, because this will be an experience you’ll never forget! Later you can tell everyone you went to one of the most exciting secret spots in Madrid.


4 - Taproom

Taproom is an amazing place to go to with a group of friends, because this bar offers A LOT of different beers from all over the world. There is at least one beer for every single person who enters. 

Also, the atmosphere in the bar is very good. It is super cosy and the staff is so friendly.

We recommend this bar before going out, to get in the mood, or after going to a restaurant or another bar, because it’s so cosy!

The prices of the beers vary a little bit, but most of the beers are really affordable. Worth a visit, don’t you think?


5 - Sala BarCo

Sala BarCo is a very nice bar located close to the center of Madrid where you can go out like a local. The atmosphere is always so good there, because in this bar, there is live music every single night.

It’s a very good place to take someone on a date, or to take a group of friends. Also, if you have visitors coming over, maybe this place will be perfect to show them.

The style of live music depends on the day you go, because it varies every single day. Some days there is a rock band, other days you will hear R&B music, etc.  You won’t see the same concert all over again if you decide to go back!

We promise you won’t be disappointed!



As you can see, Madrid has a lot of secret spots to offer. Of course, there are so much more hidden places you have to visit, but we promise you these secret spots will be absolutely worth it!

Check out our language exchanges and free salsa loca event to discover more secret spots in Madrid!

Types of people you will meet at a language exchange

Types of people you will meet at a language exchange / Free afternoon activities in Madrid

Going to a language exchange is always a little bit exciting, because you never know who you will meet. However, there are always certain profiles we see on every language exchange. Below you can find our guide on the types of people you will meet at a language exchange.

1 - The casanova

3 - The twins

No, not literally twins, but the two girls you never see separated. They always stick together and don’t leave each other’s side. They order their drinks together, always stay together when talking to you at the language exchange and never going to the bathroom by themselves. Their outfits match often. Aren’t they cute though?

4 - The smelly

A language exchange is not a language exchange in Madrid without a guy whose breath smells like death. This person doesn’t realise his breath smells and just keeps talking to all the people. When you take a look around, you see everyone making the same face and trying to get rid of this person.

5 - The serial killer

There is always that one guy who never talks to no one, but is there for the whole night. People think he is planning a murder in his mind, because he keeps staring at the other people at the intercambio without moving himself. A little bit creepy, isn’t it?

6 - The one who has an oral exam soon

Another person you will definitely meet is that one person who is actually there to practice his/her languages. It feels like this person has an oral exam soon and wants tips from everyone. He or she wants to learn as much as possible on this one night.

7 - The one who is always there

The last one of the types of people you will meet at a language exchange is the guy who is always there. When you first meet him, it feels like you’ve already seen him somewhere, which is often the case as well, because he is everywhere. Also, he knows all of the organisators, bartenders and attendees. Where to find him? AT THE BAR!

Which type of people are your friends? Let us know! Also, if you feel inspired to go to a language exchange after reading this article, make sure to check out our language exchanges page with more information about our weekly intercambios! Hope to see you soon.

5 things you should do when you visit Toledo

visit Toledo

1 - Fly Toledo

Visit Toledo - Fly Toledo

Fly Toledo‘s zipline gives you the chance to discover Toledo from another point of view. It’s not expensive at all, and it’s a memory you will always cherish! You can choose to take a professional picture for only a few euros and then you’re free. Definitely worth visiting when you’re an adventurous person.

2 - Beautiful view over Toledo @ Mirador del Valle

When you visit Toledo, you can’t miss the Mirador del Valle. There you have a great view over the city and you see all the highlights from a distance. Perfect spot to do a photoshoot with you friends, right? The best thing of all: it’s completely free of course!

visit toledo

3 - Don't miss out the CATHEDRAL when you visit Toledo

visit toledo - cathedral

Okay pack your bags right now, because you MUST see this beautiful cathedral. The cathedral was built finished in the end of the 15th century and is a great example of the gothic style. One ticket costs 11 euros, and believe us: it’s worth it! You won’t believe your eyes during your trip to Toledo.

4 - Learn about the history of the Alcázar

You can discover the Alcázar from two perspectives. First of all you can admire it from the outside, because it’s located at the highest point of Toledo. The panorama view is amazing. You can also visit the Alcázar. There you will learn a lot about history and the culture of this cute city. It has a very long and interesting history, so worth visiting as well. 

Visit toledo - Alcázar

5 - Enjoy the quiet streets in la Judaria

When you visit Toledo, you should definitely just walk around the center and go to the historical center of the city. There you will find tiny and quiet streets where you will see the mutual respect between all of the cultures. We think it’s so peaceful to walk around there. Also, you will find the Judaria, which is the old Jewish neighbourhood. There you will see the synagogues and so much more.

As you can see, Toledo is a very nice place to visit and should definitely be on your bucket list. If you feel like you want to go to Toledo, but you don’t want to go by yourself or you just want to meet new people who speak English and/or Spanish, you can join us on our 
TOLEDO TRIP on October 14th. We promise you, it will be so much fun!

Living in Madrid – 12 reasons to pack your bags right now!

living in madrid

This post is written by Belle et Bo, a young blogger who has been living in Madrid for a while now. She tells you everything about her experience and she gives you 12 reasons why you should move to Madrid.

I went to Madrid to do my internship at the Belgian Embassy. This was the best experience in my life! Madrid wasn’t my first choice, but I am so happy that the opportunity occured and that I could spend 5 months in this beautiful city. In this blogpost, I will give you 12 reasons why you should be living in Madrid as well. Believe me, it’s worth it to continue reading…

1 – Public Transport

I am used to the public transport in Belgium, which is – in my opinion – not the best in the world. I bet a lot of Belgians agree with me. But in Madrid, the public transport is soooo easy to use! You can easily get anywhere in the city in less than 30 minutes and you don’t have to wait long before a new metro/but/train arrives. A sad thing is the fact that the metro stops driving around 1.30 am, BUT there are night busses that can get you anywhere you want!

Another advantage is the fact that the public transport is very cheap! If you’re a student, you only pay €20 a month to take the metro, train and bus.

Public transport in Madrid: 10/10

2 – Madrid Nightlife

If you like to go out, Madrid is the place to be. It doesn’t matter which day it is, if you want to go out there are so many options. My favourite activity was going to language exchanges to improve my Spanish. Also, I didn’t know anyone when I arrived there, and these activities helped me meeting new people and making very good friends. My favourite organization for that was Se Habla Español. They organize weekly chill nights at cheap bars, and parties in very nice discotheques. I enjoyed every single one of these nights.

If you just want to go out with friends, you can go to local bars and/or huge discotheques. A lot of discotheques are in old theaters, which is really impressive!

If you go to a club, you will probably have to pay entrance. It might seem expensive at first, but mostly there are drinks included in the entrance price. Perfect, right?

Another thing I really liked was going to Star Coyote. This is a nice Irish pub in the center of Madrid. They organize beer pong events and dance contests. It’s very cheap and it’s sooo much fun!

3 – Low cost of living

The cost of living in Madrid is very low. First I thought the rent was pretty high, but if you compare the rent to other capital cities all around the world, you can say that the rent is affordable in Madrid. I used to go to the supermarket with my roommate and we paid between €50 and €80 a week for our groceries without really looking at the prices. This means we only paid €25 – €40 a week per person. I don’t know about your country, but this is so cheap compared to Belgium.

Going out is also pretty cheap in the city if you avoid the big discotheques and the commercial bars. Local bars are so much more affordable and they give you the real Madrid experience. You can drink wines for a very low price!

Also, going home from a party or moving through the city is very cheap by taxi. You can stop a taxi on the street, you can order a Uber taxi, etc. The prices don’t vary that much between all the companies. If you think the taxi is too expensive (it’s always more expensive than other ways to get home), you can still take the public transport!

4 – Living in Madrid means… no boundaries

Madrid is a city full of different cultures. A lot of expats and tourists fill the city (in a good way I think). All of those cultures collide and there is nothing to be ashamed of. You can do whatever you like and everything is allowed when you’re living in Madrid! Everyone is very open minded, isn’t that super nice?

5 – Amazing views

Madrid is located (very) close to the mountains. If you decide to take the cable car, you’ll have an amazing view over the city with the mountains in the background and a great view over Casa de Campo.

Another nice thing to do in Madrid is to visit the rooftop bars. There are so many of them in the city, but my favourites are Circulo de Bellas Artes, Dear Hotel Rooftop and Gymage. That last one doesn’t offer you an amazing view, but it’s a very nice bar with a pool!

6 – The location

Madrid’s location is perfect: it’s in the center of Spain, which makes that you can easily travel around. There are a lot of beautiful cities and towns close to Madrid, and you can get there for free with your transport card. If you want to go a little bit further, then you can choose to go by plane, train or bus. Another cheap way of travelling from and to Madrid is BlaBlaCar, a very easy and cheap system to get you from point A to point B.

Living in Madrid

7 – Shopping

If you love fashion, stop doing whatever you’re doing and move to Madrid right now! The city is full of Zapshops (cheap shoes) and you can literally shop anywhere you are. There are cheap stores like Primark, Zara, H&M, etc., but if you’re more into brands, you’ll also find the right shop!

8 – “Mañana, mañana”

A famous Spanish quote and stereotype… And I understand why! If you’re living in Madrid, you’ll feel the Spanish vibe and you’ll adapt very easily to it. It doesn’t matter if you’re 1 hour late, everyone is! There is not so much pressure as in Belgium for example. No one will blame you if you haven’t finished a task today or if you’re late again, it’s a way of living!

9 – Friends from all around the world

People come and go in Madrid, but you’ll meet so many people from all around the world. You’re all in the same situation and you immediately get a strong bond that I can’t describe. You’ll have connections in every continent, isn’t that great? This way you learn a lot about world cultures and you’ll learn some basic words in other languages! And if you want, you can travel the world visiting your friends!

10 – A parc paradise!

Madrid has a lot of parcs in which you can find peace and silence. You have the famous Retiro parc which attracts a lot of visitors. BUT if you walk around in the parc, you’ll find a quiet spot where you can relax or hang out with your friends. During the summer I love to hang out at Templo de Debod. There you can watch the sunset and hang out with your friends. There are a lot of people who’ll do the same, but everyone is just so happy and relaxed! In fact, there are parcs of every size in Madrid. Just walk around and you’ll discover a parc you really like!

11 – Learn Spanish

Living in Madrid means you’ll have to learn Spanish. The level of English is still too low in the city to talk to people in English. But that’s a good thing right? This way you have some pressure to actually learn a new language. If you have any problems with something, I’m sure you’ll find a friend who is bilingual and who will be able to help you. The best way to learn a language is to speak it, believe me!

12 – “No pasa nada, no te preocupes”

As I already mentioned above, Madrileños – inhabitants of Madrid – are way more relaxed than Belgian people. They use typical phrases like “No pasa nada” or “No te preocupes”, which means “don’t you worry”. When you say you’re sorry, they immediately answer with one of these sentences to calm you down! Isn’t this amazing?

As you can see, I really love living in Madrid and I’m not thinking about going yet. The city is beautiful and the people make me very happy! Living in Madrid is the best experience of my life.

5 advantages of going to language exchanges in Madrid

going to language exchanges in Madrid

Madrid attracts a lot of international people. People from all over the world go there for a few months. Some to learn Spanish, others to study in a business school and others to just learn about the Spanish culture. No matter what your goal is, going to language exchanges in Madrid is always a plus in your experience. Keep reading, because below we’ll give you 5 advantages of going to language exchanges in Madrid.

1. Meet interesting people

The first advantage of going to language exchanges in Madrid is the fact that you’ll meet a lot of interesting people there. You get to talk to others and you’ll realize immediately if you like these people or not. Fun fact: a lot of friendships in Madrid come from the language exchanges!

The second advantage of participating in language exchanges in Madrid is the fact that you get to practice your languages. There are always a lot of people from all over the world, so you don’t only get to practice Spanish and/or English, but also French, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, etc.
Also, a lot of people have problems with talking in a foreign language because they only learned grammar in school, but here they really have the chance to see how the language is used in real life.

2. Practice languages

advantages of language exchanges in Madrid

3. Cheap drinks

going to language exchanges in Madrid

When you go to language exchanges in this beautiful city, there are very often deals in the bars or clubs. They are mostly not very touristic places, so you can drink cheap cocktails, beers, shots, etc. Also, you can get to know the best places in Madrid to grab a drink. A good way to save money in a nice environment, right?

We all know the struggle, because we’ve all been there. When you arrive in a city where you don’t know anyone, you feel alone during the first days. A language exchange is the ideal way to come out of your comfort zone and to meet other people and make a bunch of friends. Everyone is in the same situation there and you’ll immediately feel a connection with the others. The people at language exchanges are from all over the world, so it’s a good excuse to travel around and visit their home countries :-).

4. A good way to make friends

going to language exchanges in Madrid

5. Learn about different cultures

The last advantage of going to language exchanges in Madrid is the fact that you can learn a lot about other people’s cultures. People talk a lot about their home countries and tell you what is common there. It’s a very nice way to learn about the world, and we’re sure you’ll end up smarter than before!

Actually, we just wanted to show you why language exchanges are so good for you. It makes you grow as a person, step out of your comfort zone and learn about other cultures. The best thing is that you make friends from all over the world.

If you’re interested in attending language exchanges in Madrid, you can always click here for more information. We, Se Habla Español, organize weekly free language exchanges in the city, from Wednesday until Saturday. You don’t want to miss this!

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